That Sinking Feeling

That Sinking Feeling

There’s a major sinkhole causing havoc in the Williamsport area. The cause: the city’s century-old sewer line. The cost to repair: $550,000.

Repairs are underway and should be completed within under a month. The 365-foot-project will consist of repairing the 140-year-old sewer line made of brick. The mortar has eroded to such a point that the bricks were falling into itself.

During initial repairs years ago, another breakage was found with similar properties as the original sinkhole and precautions were taken by lining the northern 25 feet and southern 80 feet. These areas should last between 50 to 75 years.

There are 4,795 feet of brick sanitary sewer remaining throughout the city, which the city has planned to replace, but given the emergency sinkhole, the budget for that project took a major hit.

There are very few grants available for the maintenance. The city is trying to agree on a suitable way to come up with the funds but have yet voted on a solution.

The brick sewer line with the current sinkhole extends 615 feet and is slated for construction within the next four years.

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