Philadelphia’s Sustainable Stormwater Summit

Communities across the country have difficulties addressing their storm water infrastructure needs for resolving growing water quality and quantity challenges. From meeting regulatory requirements to maintaining and updating infrastructure in the face of tightening and sometimes shrinking budgets, along with very limited federal funding, the public sector is faced with an increasing set of challenges to meet their residents’ growing water concerns and water resource needs. However, there is an emerging partnership model to assist the public sector, while providing added local benefits.

The Community-Based Public-Private Partnership (CBP3) approach is a strong partnership between a local government and a private entity that leverages greater implementation capacity and flexibility, utilizes the latest advances in affordable, high performance technologies, facilitates market tools, like credits and trading, addresses dynamic community development trends and goals, and fosters long-term financial and regulatory commitments for integrating multi-functional Green Infrastructure into storm water management programs. The model develops a strong, long-term partnership between a municipality or local government and a private entity, sharing the risk, lowering the overall costs and incentivizing greater efficiencies, productivity and accountability by reinvesting cost savings and revenues into greater community improvement projects and local economic development. The model was developed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in Philadelphia.

The first ever CBP3 Storm water Infrastructure Summit will take place December 7, in Philadelphia. This is a National Council for Public-Private Partnerships event, in partnership with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the Water Environment Foundation and the Chesapeake Bay Trust. This Summit is recommended for Public sector leaders responsible for storm water programs, Water resource managers, Public sector finance experts, Storm water professionals, Green Infrastructure professionals, operators, consultants and more.  Attending will provide a unique chance to learn from storm water and P3 experts in one place.

Philadelphia’s Sustainable Stormwater Summit

Philadelphia’s Sustainable Stormwater Summit1 Philadelphia’s Sustainable Stormwater Summit2

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