Philadelphia’s Pilot Project for Infrastructure Proposals

The City of Philadelphia is asking for assistance from the community on new and innovative ways to reduce the cost of the city’s green stormwater infrastructure program, beginning with more effective analysis of underground conditions and utility locations. To protect Philadelphia’s waterways, the city is financing a green stormwater infrastructure program. In order to keep water rates reasonable, the city needs to find adaptive ways to reduce the cost of developing green infrastructure: tools for assessments of subsurface geologic conditions, tools for mapping utility locations, tools for accurate data logic and visualization, and purposeful methods to identify conditions below ground. The city objective is to collect information on products, technologies, services and other creative and cost-effective strategies. The city welcomes ideas from social entrepreneurs, engineers, architects, and designers and those with an interest in seeking a resolution. Undeveloped ideas or concepts will not be reviewed. Solutions should be ready to pilot within three months of the winners’ announcement.

Urbanization is responsible for many of the sources that contribute to waterway degradation in Philadelphia’s streams. Increases in impervious surface area and runoff have adverse effects on stream flow. The city’s most recent goal is to divert 85 percent or nearly 8 billion gallons of storm water from the sewer system each year. Did you know that Philadelphia provides residents with free rain barrels and helps pay for landscape improvements for your home? Residents can get a free rain barrel and/or get a downspout planter, rain garden or porous paving installed at a reduced price. Rain barrels are fully installed, including spigots, gaskets, and a downspout diverter.

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