Philadelphia’s New Strategy to Eliminate Lead Service Lines

There’s some good news in and around Philadelphia as programs to better the sewer system are available and in high demand. A suburb of Philly has formed a cooperative to rehabilitate the city’s sewer system. This initiative will also help meet the needs of residents in locating lead and other problem areas in their home’s pipelining system. The project is also anticipated to assist the local economy as contractors will need to perform various maintenance tasks- for long-term implementation of the project. Additionally, a grant has been awarded for green infrastructure installments in order to aid in the sewer and storm water agenda. The focus will be on averting the sewer overflows in areas where there have been problematic and aging systems. These projects are on the fast-track to ensure guidelines are being met and the safety of the residents is addressed expeditiously.

Philly, the next round of Lead and Copper Rule sampling will take place during this summer. If you have lead service lines, your home may qualify for sampling. The city is utilizing the help of dedicated volunteers to get as many samples from as many homes as possible. Did you know? If the city tests your tap water and finds levels higher than 15 parts per billion (15 ppb), you’ll be eligible to receive assistance in locating possible sources of lead in your plumbing. A licensed and insured plumber can inspect the pipelines and other plumbing for lead. Replacing an older brass faucet or valve is also a good place to start to reduce the lead in water. Perma-Liner Industries has got your back! Call us and we’ll send a certified, highly qualified professional out to your residence or business to ensure the pipelines are safe and functioning at their best, putting your mind at ease. Go online or call 1-866-336-2568


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