Philadelphia Homeowners have something to be excited about

Philadelphia Homeowners have something to be excited about

Philadelphia officials on Wednesday joined American Water Resources (AWR) representatives to announce that a new water and sewer line protection partnership has already saved Philadelphia homeowners more than $1 million in the first six months of enrollment.

The program, a partnership between AWR and the Philadelphia Energy Authority (PEA), an independent creation of City Council, has enrolled more than 57,000 homeowners across the city, allowing them to purchase optional low-cost protection plans for the service lines that extend from city water and sewer mains to the home. The maintenance and repairs of these service lines are the responsibility of the homeowner and are not covered by most homeowners’ insurance.

While this is exciting news, homeowners are encouraged to take proactive steps in protecting their water and sewer lines to stave off unexpected and unaffordable repair costs.

Philadelphia is the poorest large city in the nation, with 26 percent of its population living in poverty. Most residents don’t have extra funds saved for unexpected emergencies such as home repairs. This program creates a safety net for homeowners in the event they experience a broken sewer or water line.

The water and sewer line programs are available at the low monthly price of $7.98 a month with unlimited protection for covered repairs for both programs. Enrollment in the program comes with 24-hour support, a one-year warranty on covered repairs, and all work performed by an independent local insured contractor provided by American Water Resources.

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